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Congessional Budget Office

Stop allowing Budgetary Continuing Resolutions (or do a study)

Continuing Resolutions cause contractors to be layed off when contracts cannot be renewed. This has a significant negative impact on our economy, impacts the moral of the American people and hurts individuals directly and indirectly.

1) The uncertainty of a pending shutdown causes governement personnel to spend time and resources preparing for the shutdown. Whether it comes or not the time is spent and resources are... more »



Department of Labor

Prorate budget expenditures

Too often, federal workers are held hostage to a continuing resolution. When (and if) the budget is approved, offices spend budgeted monies for the remainder of the fiscal year, even though only a fraction of the year is left. If 6 months of the year are left, agencies should work with half of their budget, as opposed to all of it. The CR continues spending at the prior year's level; if the current budget is favorable,... more »