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Legislative Branch

Enhanced automation of the retirement process

Utilize existing software and payroll process such as the DOJ FBOP's employee express et al and combine them with OPM's system to allow staff to automatically and electronically apply for retirement, identify benefits, register for continued et al... all from their workstation. In such, the OPM retirement systema nd the BOP pay systems would be semi merged, thus ELIMINATING partial payments and non-payments by OPM when... more »



Department of Defense

Real-time complete financial status of projects

Idea submited at #3 in 2010


This system reduced budget over-run from $1.2million down to just $74thousand in one year. If applied to the entire Federal Government we stand to say approximately $145billion annually with this system.


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Department of Veterans Affairs

Computerized Check-Ins for VA Patients

Veterans should be able to check themselves in for their medical appointments with a computerized system.

All they would have to do is either slide their VA identification card through a slot or enter their patient information and the computer would confirm their appointment date and time and they can click a button to check-in. This would be similar to the idea of checking yourself in for your flight at the airport.... more »