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Department of the Treasury

Stop printing 1$ bills

It is expensive to maintain paper money, it wears out quickly and coins last longer. I have heard the excuse that the American people don't want dollar coins - well, too bad. If the paper dollar is stopped printing, then the American people would adjust and move forward. Every other country around the world has done it and there has not been any civil wars that I am aware of over changing a bill to a coin. It is a fact... more »



Department of Homeland Security

Stop Minting Penny and Nickel

Call it the Small Change Act, the most a person would ever have to contribute on a single transaction would be 9 cents.

I once read that the cost of making the penny and nickel, both outweigh the actual value of the coin.

My proposal is similar to what some banks are starting to offer, in a keep the change program.

On all *CASH* purchases, the total price, after sales tax, would be rounded up to the nearest amount,... more »



Federal Reserve Board

Halt Minting the Presidental Series Dollar Coin



Department of Health and Human Services

Save money by using $1 coins

Stop printing one dollar bills and only make one dollar coins available for circulation.

I was at the metro stop and saw an advertisement encouraging the use of dollar coins. Part of the message was that using coins saves money because the coins are more durable.

It struck me that if we want people to start using coins instead of bills, we could simply stop printing dollar bills and only make the coins available.... more »


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