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Environmental Protection Agency

Reduce PC costs with Netbooks and Cloud computing.

A huge portion of our budget is spent on purchasing computers. These costs can be reduced significantly.

Everyone in my office is issued a laptop that includes a DVD/CD-ROM and an 80 GB hard drive. DVD/CD-ROMs are rarely used, and the 80 GB capacity is much more than is necessary, especially since most of our files are available through shared drives.

A significant amount of money could be saved if, instead of these... more »



Department of Defense

Replacement of NMCI with distributed and cloud technologies

Navy/Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI), a contractor-operated IT infrastructure, is too costly and out of date. The replacement system, Next Generation (NGEN) IT solution is an ill-defined concept that is basing its design concepts on the money-wasting, antiquated architectures dating as far back as 1969 and ARPANET.

Current technologies exist that would allow the Department of Navy (DON) and the USMC to deploy a fully... more »



Department of Health and Human Services

All Department and Agency Data centers under One Federal Cloud

Move all data centers under Federal clouds (private like clouds for all Federal agencies, managed by one agency – physically spread out through out USA), we can make federal agencies (at least the civilian ones) use it on a pay and use basis. So, I am suggesting eliminating numerous agency specific data centers in the favor of one Federal cloud.

Some of the features will help in reduction cost are:

Eliminating redundancy... more »