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Department of Energy

IT Development

Many government agencys have duplicative IT development efforts going on within their Agency because the Agency's CIO does not have the authority or responsibility to oversee all Agency IT development efforts.

Make each Agency's CIO responsible for all IT development within the Agency. The CIO would receive all the Agency's IT funding. All IT efforts would have to be approved through the Agency's IT Configuration Control... more »



Department of Health and Human Services

Too many CIOs in HHS! Pick the best system and duplicate!

HHS has many, many CIOs, and the technological disparities between the Divisions and Offices are significant. HHS should be a leader overall in this field, especially considering its mission with respect to Health Care Information Technology. The Department needs to undertake a serious approach to achieving technology excellence, parity and consistency. Right now, there are too many Chief Information Officers (CIOs)... more »