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Legislative Branch

Chaplaincy Program!

Why is CBP on its way to implementing a chaplaincy program when the government is in fiscal crisis. Do the managers think that because employees will do this on a volunteer basis that it doesn't cost money. The time that an employee invests in this (training and assisting) takes away from the actual work of their position. This is absurd. We do have EAP. Others can go to VA. We had decent health insurance. While... more »



Department of Homeland Security

Community Based Emergency Centers - Rail-Safe Harbor

Rapid Respose from FEMA.
Local Employment Construction Opportunity.
Base-sites in communities (e.g. Inexpensive warehouse design, eg. Walgreens size) that are multi-use and spread across the National Rail system to house, treat and/or evacuate populace on a temporary short term basis for a few days before, during or after a disaster event. FEMA heavy resources respond to each location within 6 hours via freight rail utilizing... more »