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Social Security Administration

Stop allowing SSNs to be used as Identification

Social Security Numbers are not for identification purposes. However, utilities, banks, and department stores use it for identification as a matter of policy. One disgruntled employee can snatch thousands of numbers. We should find companies that choose to ignore this rule and use the funds to offset ID Theft programs at FTC.



Legislative Branch

Make Facilities and equipment use and ID cards

I have a government ID with all my personal info and biometrics imprinted on it. It should be opening doors, unlocking desktop computers, and starting the engine of every piece of government machinery I am authorized to use.

When I use things or gain access to places it should be recording where and when. This would give my boss an idea of what I do and where I do it. It would show what I use and how much. This data... more »



Department of Justice

PIV usage

The PIV cards should start to be used for their intended purposes instead of just for entering and exiting buildings in most agencies. All computers should have a card reader for login and especially for approval of documents (i.e. electronic signatures). Right now In order to get something simple signed, such as payment request, leave notices, or simple memos, it usually takes multiple printings and scannings. By the... more »