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Department of the Treasury

Campaign Ads that help Social Security

Why not tax all campaign ads (or all campaign ads above some set limit), and have all proceeds go to support Social Security and Medicare. If the rich and elite can spend millions of dollars to get elected to a federal office than why can't some of these funds go to support those constituents they wish to represent. The more you spend on campaign ads (TV, radio, paper, etc.) the more you contribute.

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Legislative Branch

Day for Day Pay Loss Until Budget Approved

For every day beyond September 30th that the Government Budget is not approved, all Congress members (House and Senate), the President, and his cabinet will lose a day’s pay without the ability to re-gain that pay. In any other job you are required to make decisions and stick to deadlines. Because of their inability to come to a resolution on the budget in a timely manner, often waiting until the last day or two to implement... more »