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Social Security Administration

SSI money used to support families of illegal aliens

We currently pay SSI benefits to a parent of a disabled child. The maximum amount payable is $674.00 per month.

We pay this amount to a parent even if the parent is an illegal alien who does not have a social security number.

If this parent, who does not have a social security number, has several disabled children, SSI will pay up $674.00 per month per child. There is not a maximum amount payable per family.... more »



National Endowment for the Arts

Shut Down the National Endowment for the Arts

If an artist, museum, symphony, etc., produces something the public wants, let the public pay for it voluntarity. Otherwise, these artists should get real jobs like the rest of us, without taxpayers being forced to support what would just be their hobby.

This would save not only the direct grant money but also the administrative overhead supporting it. In addition, artists can focus more on making their art and less... more »



Department of Defense

Cut the bureaucracy and redundancy

If I counted correctly... there are 174 options to choose from under "Agency or Department" when filling in this form. That's not counting all the sub departments. When you create such an organism in any system, it will always fight for survival, no matter how redundant or outdated it is. It's time to trim the fat. Many government employees will cry about losing their jobs, but since when was it the government's responsibility... more »



Department of Veterans Affairs

Find a better, faster & cheaper way to do it.

The way you think needs to change, because "we have done it that way for 20 yrs" way of thinking has created an embarrassing Bureaucracy that can no longer get the job done. Embracing change & innovation will result with the decay of a bureaucracy that keeps this agency in the mid 20th century. If a process does not work it should be changed. If an employee can't change the way they do things they need to go, regardless... more »


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Legislative Branch

Cut government regulations and bureaucracy

Too many in the House, the Senate and the White House do not want to analyze the regulations they and their predecessors have written into law and make the tough decisions - STOP doing what doesn't work and wastes money, STOP doing frivolous things that causes businesses to raise the cost of business and stops them from expanding and hiring more people, STOP doing things that causes needless paperwork and time-consuming... more »