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Legislative Branch

Eliminate earmark boondoggles

One recent and fairly egregious example is the NOAA Environmental Security Data Center in Fairmont West Virginia. It was built with earmark money resulting from a backroom deal with the recently disgraced Congressman Mollohan. The building is enormously expensive and largely un-necessary, and will sit 80% empty with no clients for years. It is the creme de la creme of boondoggles. Shut it down.



Department of Energy

Cancel Amelia Island Leadership Conference

Each year in October a private company sponsors a "Leadership Conference" at Amelia Island. At the swanky resort. It is for the Environmental Management program at DOE.

It costs the Environmental Management office a ton of money to send representatives to it. It is pretty much a boon-doggle. And the private company makes a good bunch of change from hosting it.

I suggest that the conference be canceled. Or at least... more »