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Department of Homeland Security

Federal bidding for office space

Currently when a division or office needs to obtain office space they will submit a bid to lease that space. Often other agencies, divisions or offices will also submit bids driving up the cost. When the Federal Government is involved in a bidding war this will drive up the cost of the ultimate "winner" costing much more tax payer dollars than is necessary.
Instead of this inefficient use of resources, a third party... more »


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Department of Health and Human Services

Reduce travel costs by increasing competition

Several ideas have already recognized that government-mandated travel purchasing practices are wasteful. This idea promotes the use of competitition among travel service providers through Priceline-like bidding software to achieve the lowest possible price for each government travel purchase. This should cut travel costs by 80% !!!!!!!



Department of Veterans Affairs

Reverse Bidding for Goverment Purchase

When I bought my car, I used the reverse bidding to get the car I need with the lowest price from the multiple competitors within a short period of time. The goverment could use the same process for most of the goverment purchases (office supplies, printers, cartriges, COTS, machinery, etc..)

The reverse bidding is when the multiple sellers offer bids on the item, competing to offer the lowest price that meets all... more »