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Department of Defense

All training in one place

Create & Maintain all training (mandatory & cbt) online in one central location rather than using multiple training programs that dont reflect data properly. An email reminder should be sent annually to the employee to notify them when the courses will expire soon & again when it is time to take the training. The program should upload completed training nightly to the command training database and send a report to the... more »



Department of Transportation


Every dollar should be scuntized. We have General Operating Funds that we use for paying rent, electricity, copier fees, paper, pens, travel and training, etc.
My idea is the use of these funds should be transparent. In my office, I have required that our travel and training uses be shared with everyone in the office. In the past, staff felt some employees were getting more access to these limited funds than others.... more »



Department of Veterans Affairs

Improve Frequency of Annual Trainings

I suggest that the TMS system be modified to make it so annual training due dates don't move up each time the training is taken. At this time, VA employees receive a reminder to take their training around 2 months prior to its due date. If the training is taken at that time, the due date for the next year is moved up. Therefore, trainings are taken every 10 months instead of the intended "annual" or 12 months. Alternatively,... more »


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