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Department of Health and Human Services - IMB

Dealing with Hot Flashes and Cold Flashes

Can we have designated temperature zones at work places: These are real distractors at work. Ever noticed the space heaters at office.. and resulting double drain on power -one to run the AC and the other to keep the personal heater running.

With the cold air from the air conditioning running full blast, comes the misery for a few with genuine body temperature regulation issues. Some may have hypothyroidism. They usually... more »



Legislative Branch

Turn down the Air Conditioning

Every gov't bldg I've been in is very cold in the summer (for work, museums, etc). People are wearing sweaters, plugging in heaters, and even walking outside in this very hot weater to warm up. My hands are freezing right now. Turning up the thermostat in all the buildings would save a lot of $ and be better for the environment.