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Department of Education

Denying Benefits to Actively Wanted Fugitive Felons

The USDA, VA, and SSA have programs, which deny benefits to persons who are wanted in other jurisdictions in local, state, and federal databases for felony offenses. These absconders from justice may use the benefits they receive to further their escape from facing justice and should not be entitled to taxpayer funds until their obligations have been satisfied.

This program if implemented at ED is a direct alignment... more »



Legislative Branch

Eliminate Foreign Aid to Hostile Countries

We have to much money going to countries that are harboring Terrorists and those would do harm to the United states. That money could be better spent here at home on our own people who are hungry, who are homeless, who are under-educated, who are destitute. We have way to many problems here that need to be taken care of first. Our infrastructure is falling down around us. There are bridges and roads in such disrepair... more »



Department of Energy

Sustainable Energy Technologies(SETs) use in USAID, et al pgrms

As we distribute aid to developing and post-conflict nations, ensure Sustainable Energy Technologies(SETs) (ie. non-fossil fuel resources) are introduced during re/construction. Department of Defense and its Armed Services are already serving as models for those communities. Do not let our Soldiers', Sailors', Air Force's and Marines' efforts go to waste. The resulting revenue from US contracts to provide SETs will... more »