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Department of Health and Human Services

Create Area Wide Purchase Orders - Laboratory Services

Implement Area Wide purchase orders and possibly agency wide acquisitions. For example: Laboratory Services Program at each area to consolidate purchases to reduce overall costs from similar vendors, consolidate and streamline equipment and supplies at each area. This will save money by consolidating purchasing efforts and will reduce headaches that accompany single acquisition events.



Department of Defense

Express Acquisitions Reform

1. Eliminate superfluous manpower.
A. Review internet history of all employees. Those with more than one-hour of personal website use per day are expendable and should be reviewed for dismissal. Military should be reassigned to an operational unit.
B. Review frequent traveler miles/points accrued during business travel. Those with trends on a specific airline or hotel chain (particularly luxury chains)... more »



Department of Homeland Security

Simple, Efficient, and Effective Government Acquisitions.

Nearly all federal agencies perform acquisitions in accordance with the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and other all-inclusive policies. Despite this, agencies, and even divisions within agencies, have disparate acquisition systems, practices, procedures, and templates. Seen from the perspective of a young front-line acquisition worker, the apparent inefficiencies are staggering. Workers must learn to interface... more »


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