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Giving fedearl employees three hundred dollars to five hundred dollars a year for uniforms is way to high. Every year DHS, CBP employees get five hundred dollars for uniforms and must spend it all or lose it. Then we end up buying things we don't even need like twenty caps, or five pairs of pants. Even when the item arrives they usually don't fit and must returned because we can't try them on. Rather we should be given a credit to buy patches and apply them to items that fit us, and be allowed to go to local law enforcement uniform outlets with the max purchase of one uniform and extra at our cost per six months. The present uniform policy extracts erroneous amounts of money from the federal government. No one especially the federal government of the people should be spending two hundred dollars for boots, fiftey dollars for pants, orbe given such a huge sum to spend in one year. If I was given five hundred dollars cash I could deck myself out with my own uniform for the next five years.



Idea No. 7033