National Aeronautics and Space Administration

training requirements

While it is a good idea to have training opportunities for employees and to ensure that people are properly trained to perform their jobs, it is wasteful to mandate that all employees (or all senior or executive level employees) take a certain amount of general purpose training per year. This should be a decision of the employee and his/her supervisor and not a broad mandate that essentially prods thousands of people into taking training courses that they didn't desire or need just to meet a training requirement. Please note that I am not referring to training required for everyone or everyone in a certain discipline (e.g., diversity training, environmental awareness training, laser safety training, etc) but rather to requirements to take a certain number of training hours without a prespecified purpose other than to make sure someone is continuously learning. I would contend that there are many opportunities for continuous learning on the job and the employee and supervisor can make the determination for training requirements. I believe millions of dollars are wasted annually on training courses that are taken for the sole purpose of meeting a requirement for minimum number of training hours or courses.



Idea No. 13461