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rent out the on-campus residences

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On the NIH campus, there is a series of houses and duplexes that once housed institute directors or other higher-ups who didn't wish to purchase a home in the area to live in for the duration of their service here. Largely, these were mostly occupied prior to 9/11. After the attacks, the NIH put up a substantial perimeter fence that kept out through-traffic and made getting on campus a bit of a chore if you did not have a badge and a car pass. Even now, visitors must jump through extensive hoops to access campus, which, I suppose, means that the fence is working as designed. However, this makes living on campus for an extended period of time undesirable, and particularly those administrators with families and children find this option to be more trouble than it's worth. I suggest renting out the residences to lower-level investigators and those researchers on fellowship and those working on special projects. Spots could also be opened through a lottery or the residences could serve as incentives for young investigators trying to figure out where they will decide to work. Whether rent is collected (in the case of summer fellows or short-term research program visitors), or not (in the case of the residences being used as incentives), this existing resource should be put to use somehow.

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