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publicize new nonrefundable ticket purchase option in govtrip

For travel, we used to be required to purchase outrageously expensive refundable government plane tickets that were 2 to 5 times as expensive as tickets available on other websites. The directive recently changed to allow us to purchase the non-refundable tickets through GovTrip if we're reasonably certain we'll be traveling. It's not the first thing that comes up in GovTrip - you have to click another tab to get to them, and then you have to write a justification. This change in guidance has not been widely publicized so a lot of people don't know about it and continue to purchase the outrageously-priced refundable government fares (as evidenced by the many SAVE award suggestions regarding the expense of refundable government fares). My suggestion is to make this the FIRST option that comes up in GovTrip, don't require people to write a justification for it, and publicize this change in the directive.



Idea No. 9420