United States Interagency Council on Homelessness

old military housing or tents for homeless

There are large amounts of old military housing and large tents available to assist the homeless. If the military housing is not being used or planned to be used, structurally safe and not condemned, and near a large metropolitan area, maybe some of these could be used to house the homeless rather than tearing down. Homeless individuals are still people and shouldn't be treated as "low life". They simply have fallen on bad times in their lives. But by providing some temporary housing for these individuals even if in a tent, would be better living conditions than what they have on the streets, in alleys, sewers, or under bridges. Many of these folks continually have health issues because of their living conditions. If Americans took the time to help them we would actually have less costs. A majority of homeless individuals' medical care is provided by the government. It only makes sense to try and lower their health costs by giving them the opportunity for a healthier place to live. This would also help volunteer and social agencies with their assistance to homeless by giving them a centralized place to meet with them in a low crime environment. Volunteer groups and the homeless individuals themselves could be responsible for the upkeep of the old military lodging or tent areas even further reducing cost on the government.



Idea No. 3038