Office of Personnel Management

incentive to retire

I suggest to provide incentives for those eligible for retirement to actually retire. Make available about $20k incentive government wide to retire for those eligible to retire.

This will save money by those at the higher end of the pay scales being replaced with new hires at the lower end of the pay scales.

This will also lower the unemployment rate. I conservatively guess about 100,000 workers would take the offer. That is 100,000 more people off unemployment and added to the tax rolls.

The gov't would also save money on CSRS and benefits paid.

My guess is a $20k bonus would pencil out to be a wash between paying a GS-12 and hiring a new GS-7. Might even save some money. Plus a new person doesn't have so much leave so the gov't gets more work.

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Idea No. 2896