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improve risk assessment capability in federal government

There are a lot of ideas on this site for saving a few hundred or a few thousand dollars. Too bad we couldn't have saved the hundreds of billions we used to bail out the financial sector--again (remember RTC?). The regulatory agencies were asleep at the switch. Risk isn't limited to markets. Are we adequately prepared for earthquakes near New Madrid, MO? Isn't New Orleans still below sea level? Do we have backup plans if cyberattacks take down the internet? Should we be worried that corn reserves are near historic lows? Will we see revolution because of increasing inequality/joblessness/increasing rents? There are plenty of things we could worry about, and I don't want to be a Cassandra, but it would be nice to know that federal agencies who have a public trust in certain domains were taking these things seriously. A stitch in time saves nine. And crowd-sourcing approaches similar to this website might be a good way to begin.



Idea No. 1333