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holding Job corps students and contractors accountable

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Job Corps students recieve up to three years of edcational/vocational training, and get paid while receiving that training. The only thing they are held accountable for is that they get a job lasting two weeks. Even then nothing happens if they do not. Contractors are graded primarily on the fact that they have a job at the first time, 6 month and 12 month reporting periods which is easy to manipulate. This also feeds into the social mentality of the student that because I am poor people owe me a free ride. Hold them accountable by having them work for other federal agencies for a minimum of one year as an internship. If they fail or drop out of the program have repay the money through a student loan type program. Hold them and the contractors accountable for their actions. I have student loans I must repay so should they. Military members can repay be mentoring while in the program.

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