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healthy work env, require smoking drug test f FED new applicants

As we know, second-hand smoke is deadly carcinogen; people who smoke outside, then come inside the workplace, are walking, breathing out carcinogen toxic agents within 50 - 100 feet, which ultimately kill their colleagues within a few years depending on their immune system.

This impacts rate of attrition, retention of experienced employees; the cost of replacing such, who get sick, die at an early age or retire early, is much more costly to the gov.


Many insurance companies require smoking drug test, after realizing smoking cigs is a drug addiction, not only involves the person smoking, but very harmful to co-workers and the env, very costly monetarily, & in human suffering;




recommend mandatory smoking drug test for applicants to most civilian Federal agencies

(OMB study) with smoke-free compuses

for many reasons.

1 Frist, This is not discriminatory against the applicant, because in this case, if he/she is a smoker then he/she is harming other people,

So actually the workplace should be protected from this harmful person for obvious health reasons. Healthcare is very expensive and getting much more expensive over time.

We do not want to reiterate the results of having second hand smoke, emphysema, asphyxiation, lung or organ cancer, etc.

2 this will give the youth who want to get into federal employ, an incentive to abstain from smoking; is very important

3 It saves the government over four billion dollars annually on employee health related expenditures

OMB should study savings from mandatory smoking cessation program for employee smokers

- see VLTP below

4 need to count the savings from retention of experienced employees that are still living without major illnesses attributed to smokers in the workplace.


a list similar to VLTP list, of employees who smoke, other emps can offer them sick leave time for detox, (usually 3 days for nicotine)

not having smokers in the workplace produces much more productivity & is much more (lung) healthy.



Idea No. 16651