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getting back to the basics-cutting SSI for children

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We as an agency, were created to supplement a family or an individual's income, when there is a loss in income due to death, retirement or a disability. Well I think we have gotten off track. Social Security pays disabled minor children Supplemental Security Income (SSI). My question is "what are we supplementing?" Children have never worked so why are we paying benefits as if they contributed to a loss of income in the household? I believe that SSI for disabled children should be stopped, unless the disabling condition is requiring a paper to be with them around the clock. This is the only way that there is a true loss of income in the household. Parents choosing not to work because they can live off of their children's SSI benefits is not a loss of income! i do believe disabled children should still be granted Medicaid to help with medical expenses, if they are found disabled according to Social Security Administration guildlines. These Medicaid benefits for disabled children should not have the same restrictions based on te parents income. Having a disability sometimes can have costly medicel bills, which can be costly even to those with well paying jobs. So all children should be eligible for the Medical benefits if their parents are not able to supply health insurance. Cutting SSI payments to disabled minor children will save the goverment millions and help to get us out of this deficit. This will also save money for the processing of these claims and give some parents a reason to get out and take care of themselves again.

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