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Attorneys and other government agencies use a vast amount of paper.The USAO should begin to switch to digital submissions.AUSAs send letters to inmates, judges, and defense attorneys on a daily basis.They also file briefs/other legal documents, which can sometimes be several hundred pages, in large quantities.By submitting documents/correspondents digitally, the USAO should be able to cut their use of paper by at least 40% in the first year and continue to 70% by the second year with a goal of 90% digital by 2016.There will always be some need for print, but the AUSAs have already begun to submit documents digitally to the clerk's office. If all documents were able to be produced digitally, the government would be able to save on reams of paper. This would also make storage of documents easier as well. Documents such as discovery can be produced electronically on a CD or DVD and briefs can also be electronically submitted. Documents can also have a digital/electronic signature or seal added to them. Not only would this cut down the amount of paper, but also the amount of postage needed per year. As the office moves to become more digital, the paper already in use should be 100% recycled. There is no reason why a document or letter needs to be thrown away instead of recycled. Currently, there are 14 recycling bins on each floor of my office that are emptied every Tuesday. Most of these bins fill up about halfway. Trash is collected every day by maintenance. By adding small recycling bins next to all trash bins and having a push to put all paper in the recycling bin, the USAO should be able to recycle at least 29% of their paper use in the first year and 50% by the end of their second year. As the office becomes more digital, there will be less paper floating around the office. As the paper decreases, it becomes more important to recycle the smaller quantities and to continue to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills.

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