Department of State

default printer settings on all USG computers

With move to paperless offices, it is astounding how many people print and then scan hard copies back to make them into e-documents. Users are often not aware that they can "print to PDF" format direct from their desktops, and have the "scanned" document immediately available.


What a waste of time and paper, not to mention additional hardware support and maintenance to the required scanners and printers.


Save paper - in many cases a hard copy is not needed. Documents are ready to be e-mailed/e-filed immediately.


Save time - no need to physically scan documents in many cases


Save waste - if you wanted to print in PDF format, but were defaulted on another printer, a hard copy is often printed in error before the printer is reselected. If PDF printer is selected, the user can still choose to print to hard copy, but there is no risk of accidental waste being printed.


Although the option to print to PDF exists on all our office workstations, it seems that many users are unaware or unsure of how to use it. Making it default raises awareness, and by doing so makes users think more about whether they really need a hard copy of "that document"

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