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decrease Transfer of Station costs via gain-sharing

Moving just one employee can easily cost the gov't over $100k, and strain the budgets of hiring offices. Yet, I do not believe there is any incentive to the employee to reduce costs of moving household goods -- by way of decluttering or deciding that items are worth less than the cost to move them. There should be a mechanism by which if the employee were able to reduce the costs of moving their household goods, they could receive half the cost of the savings (like gainsharing for travel). Included in the option should be incentivized self-moves, which could be a good option for early career employees who do not, yet, own very much of value.


In my first gov't move, for example, I had 2 rooms of mostly used furniture to move from Washington, DC to Washington state. I heard that my move had cost the gov't $18,000. If the cost of moving my household goods had been half that amount ($9,000), I could have easily left my furniture behind and bought all new furtniture for about half of the moving price or driven a U-haul van for equally less. And I would gladly have reduced my moving costs had there been any sort of incentive to do so. I don't know how many gov't moves occur each year, but it seems that even saving $10k for each of those transfers of station would add up to be pretty substantial.



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