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consolidation for offices and workloads

If you combine the ODAR, DDS and FO agencies as one agency; Have persons working and doing work that is their strengths not their weaknesses. I have worked in the field office and ODAR; repetition produces quality and quanitity; If you do the same items over and over you are very quick when repeating the work, My idea is to have one building for Odar, Field Office, DDS, They would be called SSA; You put all three offices together; This would be a one stop shop for the claimants and more accessible. And each Office would be at least 50 miles from each other. Divide the office into these groups Management; Administrators/IT; Clerical; Representatives; Judges/decision makers.

Each office in the Management group would be a head Manager, Assistant Manager and 3 or 4 Supervisors which would decrease what is now 10 to 12 persons in these positions down to 5 or 6. You would have supervisors for the clerical group, Representative group, and Judges/decision makers group. The Head Manager and assistant manager would be the supervisor for the Adminstrators/IT group. The Administrators/IT group would be the Admin assistants, MSA, HOSA and systems adminstrators/IT. The clerical group would be the service reps, legal assistants, SCT, CIT, ect... They would handle the public, set appointments, answer the phone, the mail received and out going, receiving in the cases, pull the cases and assigning the work to the groups, addressing the issues with cliamnts benefits. The representative group would take the applications, write the decisions, research the overpayments and misuse, prepare the cases for the judges/decision makers. The judge and decision makers group would be the ones that make the decision this can be judges or senior attorneys. I might add that having more senior attorneys than judges would decrease the pay of employees tremendiously, maybe make judges decision makers so you can reduce the pay. Have all work allocated with repitition in mind. Savings is millions.



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