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Make every VBA service representative a rater that manages the case from start to finish. There is too much redundant work and not enough accountability in the VSR(veterans service representative) job. This is demonstrated by the fact that they review Service Treatment Records for screening etc and then the RVSR (rating VSR) does it again because their name is the one on the rating and they are held responsible for the errors made by the VSR as well as themselves. Which puts undo stress on raters. Just have everyon work the case from start to finish including development. Make the VCAA letter a form letter for everyone that's the same and automatic with the CEST action.(kind of like the old days) Then have the all inclusive RVSR job do the rest. That one person develops, communicates with the veteran, rates and promulgates the claim. That way everyone is responsible for their own work and not someone elses, is familiar with the case from the get go and reduces redundant work done by multiple teams.

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