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administative paperless work enviroment

We are faced daily with the objective of managing paperwork and projects, tracking documents and projects as they move through staff elements for work, review and signature. A developing program known as the Office Workload Manager or (OWL) solves this problem. The OWL provides reports, is a central repository for all documents, and a resource that can be used to support personnel evaluations.

Listed are proposed and actual functions of this application:

Projects are assigned electronically via an OWL generated email. All documents and information are located electronically within the OWL assigned project under a unique OWL project number. Any correspondence that is pertinent to a project and in OWL can be associated with the project. OWL allows visibility at any time on the status of a project and reports on what projects each individual still has open. When a project is assigned the tasked/receiving party can choose how this project applies to their individual evaluation by clicking on easy to use category buttons. OWL can generate a support form within selected date ranges for the individual’s evaluation.


Owl is a repository for all documents. Once a document is created it can be uploaded into the system and saved under that project number or correspondence tracking number. Using a standard filing system such as SSIC would enable quick searches for documents when future needs arise.

Once a document is logged and uploaded into OWL the document, its status and location is visible to any OWL user unless its of a sensitive nature then it can be logged in as such, allowing only those who have been assign visibility to view.

Documents can be signed electronically within OWL using digital signatures and CAC cards, negating the necessity to print or move hard copies.

OWL has capabilities to generate various reports both in projects and correspondence and an area that can be used as a self tracker for individual TO DO Lists.



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