Department of Agriculture


We currently have a large number of employees who sleep on the job, socialize ALL day, and are otherwise not giving a full days work for the taxpayer's dollar. We need to implement an accountability plan to the performance review process which allows managers to satisfy the union and be able to cull employees who are not performing. Objective criteria holds up in litigation and allows the employee quantifiable means by which they can perform. Lack of performance leads to retraining or termination. Clear cut and rules by which all can perform. In coming from the corporate world to the government, I see why everyone thinks government employees don't work. I didnt realize I should be ashamed to say I am a government employee based on taxpayer views of the government worker. Customer service is nonexistent. The focus needs to changed from how can we please the employee to how can we please the customer. Change incentives to customer service based. Then those who the government serves will feel the change and government employees will be viewed as hard working by the public. Coporations rely on customers to stay in business. It seems with the government there is a feeling of entitlement of having a job and customer service is sacrificed.



Idea No. 18823