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As a scientist, I apply for grants to fund my research. Once grants are obtained, it is very difficult to keep track of the balance. I have three sources of information to try to figure out how much money I have: our secretary keeps track of purchases and travel vouchers she and I charged to the account using Quicken, we can look at the transaction register which often has a month lag time and is not user friendly, and we can e-mail the people managing the grants in Albuquerque to ask for the balance on the grant. However, when you get the balance, it is not possible to know which transactions have been processed to give you that balance. This makes it difficult to quickly identify mistakes and frustrating to figure out how much money I have left on a grant. A user-friendly website with both up-to-date transactions and balances for each job code would make it easy to tell where I was with spending and to identify errors. Ideally, it would look like my personal online bank account. This would allow me to use my time more efficiently to do science rather than to try to be a forensic accountant and would help me spend all the money in grant agreements before the grant ends and the money disappears.

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