Department of Veterans Affairs

Zero Tolerance for Fraud

The GAO estimates $17 BILLION dollars of improper Medicare payments each year.


The Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program pays out $4.6 BILLION in improper and fraudulent benefits annually.


The Department of Veterans Affairs loses $800 MILLION annually on improper and fraudulent payments.


And the FRAUD list goes on and on and on, totaling OVER $100 BILLION PER YEAR!!!


1ST...I suggest that we include the statement "Zero Tolerance for Fraud" on all official federal government correspondence.


2ND...I suggest that we establish a National Toll-Free phone number to report fraud of any government program. The reports will be kept confidential, and be distributed to their respective agencies.


3RD...I suggest that we run a SSN Wage match monthly. A lot of fraud has to do with unreported wage and earnings. The Social Security Administration has a program which can be accessed monthly.


By taking the 3 steps above, we will begin our ZERO TOLERANCE FOR FRAUD. If we only stop 1% of the annual Fraud, we will SAVE TAXPAYERS $1 BILLION PER YEAR!


If we only stop .001 (1/1000 of 1 percent) of Fraud, we will SAVE TAXPAYERS $100 MILLION PER YEAR!





Idea No. 11879