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Workplace/office renovation schedule

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We have been required to repaint and re-carpet our leased office every 5 years by GSA. Both times it has caused a major disruption to our work because all our furniture and office/IT equipment needs to be moved out and then moved back in (by contractors). We also need to vacate the office for several days while this is done. It takes quite a while to get the office back in to working order once the work is complete. The office also smells of paint and carpet fumes for weeks and is probably not a healthy environment to work in.


Both times this work was done, the office did not need to be repainted or recarpeted but we were told it was a requirement and it must be done. Both times the work done was substandard - cheaper carpeting was used, equipment wasn't returned to the office appropriately, floor tiles were laid poorly and painting wasn't complete.


I think it would be a huge savings to change the requirements for having offices refurbished. Refurbish on an as-needed basis. Use carpeting that can be laid in sections/tiles so only worn areas can be replaced. Use high quality, environmentally friendly material to save costs in the long run and reduce/eliminate health impacts on employees.

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