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Workforce Managemnt & Furloughs

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In order to accomodate sound fiscal management with a true and measurable cost savings to the government and taxpayers, while respecting our workers, I suggest that as benefit to the government, employees should be able to donate 16 hours of annual leave per year to the government in lieu of an unpaid 40 hour furlough (should furloughs become neccessary).


How would this benefit the governemnt you ask? If someone earns 8 hours per pay period, they are exchanging a month's earned lave in exchange for the week of working. The savings would be 2 days a year per employee that the government does not have to pay them for being on vacation while paying for someone to do their job in their absence. THIS would be a REAL and recognizable substantial savings. I can not stress that enough, a REAL AND RECOGNIZABLE SAVINGS.


For every 5 employees who exchange 16 hours, for one pay period in the Summer per year for example, that would be 1 less person needed to cover vacations for that pay period.

2 days = 16 hours

10 days (pay period) = 80 hours


A 1 for 5 ratio. Think about it, that is substantial.

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