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Work Centers Located Throughout MD/VA/DC For Gov't Employees

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The government should create “Federal Work Centers” that are non-agency-specific, located throughout Maryland, Virginia and DC. These government office buildings would provide work-spaces for the thousands of Federal employees who do not specifically need to work at their agency’s headquarters. Federal Work Centers would save money by enabling government employees to work at locations within 2 or 3 miles from their homes. For example, an FDA employee living in Northern Virginia could work at a nearby Federal Work Center, and would no longer need to commute (often times for more than an hour in each direction) to FDA headquarters in Maryland. Among the benefits of Federal Work Centers: (1) Decreased cost of government-funded public transportation subsidies; (2) Increased worker productivity; (3) Less need for government to rely on telecommute policies, which are sometimes abused; (4) Shortened commutes; and (5) Reduced traffic congestion on the Beltway, I-66, etc. This idea could easily be tested on a small scale at first to accurately assess real costs and benefits.

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