Department of Defense

Wind Success, Now Solar

For the President’s inaugural SAVE Award in 2009, I submitted the concept of installing wind turbines at The Naval Undersea Warfare Center and the Naval Station Newport in Newport, Rhode Island. The location is ideally situated for wind power and I am very encouraged to see that the Navy is in discussions with local authorities about the prospect of installing wind turbines on Navy land in Newport.


For the SAVE Award this year, I would like to continue the concept of renewable electricity generation by proposing that federal facilities in very sunny locations accelerate the installation of solar power electricity generation.


The monetary value of solar power electricity generation is always quantifiable for any facility. Federal facilities can install solar power infrastructure without the approval of Congress.


As with wind power, solar power:


- would reduce expenditures that would be used to purchase electricity.


- would illustrate, through action, that the federal government is an advocate of alternative, clean energy, and is a good corporate citizen.


- would be an educational benefit for local school children and residents. For wind power, the current wind turbines near Newport have become tourist attractions.


- installation at federal facilities would help to support the U.S. solar power industry. This will help to create the types of jobs for Americans that we need to be striving for.

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