Department of Veterans Affairs

Website to track status

A comprehensive website could deal with benefits, debts and status of claims. The information is geographically distributed in various computer systems. Having one system/place for this information benefits everyone. A lot of this information is in computers already .


The VA gets a lot of people calling to check on their claims ,benefits, and debt repayment status. This accounts for a significant amount of phone calls and double work. There would be less frustration from the veteran and fewer dropped calls because the lines are busy.


Have a website where a person can see where they are in a process. It will save the VA time and money by cutting down emails, phone calls, and paper correspondence. Managers can then identify bottlenecks in the system so that process improvement can happen.


If security is an issue, have the site only accessible in a regional office or medical center through the VA network. Veterans can currently pay debts online. Each veteran could opt in for this service by physically going to a regional office and having a login ID and password generated. Ours change every 90 days, why not have the vet's as well?

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