Department of Health and Human Services

Website Consolidation for Search

Consolidate web sites

The federal government has hundreds, maybe thousands, of websites. There should be an effort in consolidating some of them for search engine optimization and possibly even financial resources.


AIDS.Gov is run by the Department of Health and Human Services, it should be a part of the domain. is run by USDA, it should be a part of I’m not saying to get rid of the domain names, those are excellent for marketing. It’s so much easier to say vs Choosemyplate. What I mean is to set up 301 redirects so that when somebody types in they go to Choosemyplate.


We often use Google or Bing to find what we are looking for. When each agency is hosting content as if it were a different website, the responsible agency is somewhat hurting their chances for visibility in search engines. That means less people are likely to find the information they are looking for, ultimately hurting our efforts as a federal government to provide services to the citizens of our Nation. By setting up 301 redirects or even canonical addresses from one off addresses to established domains, the federal government gets to preserve marketing strategies while also increasing their chances for search engine visibility and domain integrity (the older a site is, the more it is valued).


Thank you, I hope this is helpful.



Idea No. 18169