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Web Based Applications and omit all ActiveX code

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By updating all the database application interfaces to a web/mobile application solution you will reduce the enormous cost of software licenses for each government computer user. Yes, EACH end user. If the end users do not have to rely on a proprietary/commercial software licenses the overall cost for each user would be cut dramatically. Don’t believe me, count the amount of users, times the Operating License then the server user license. Many do not realize you get hit twice in a network environment. Now imagine web based or even app based solutions that do not rely on those licenses nor the user licenses for servers or emails accounts. Yes, such solutions are being used by major companies and are proven to utilize much less IT personnel resources than what we use now. IT personnel know this to be fact and know this means much less personnel to manage viruses and other vulnerabilities that may exist on a traditional network. Now ask yourself if the IT people would want this technology? The IT world is moving towards the App based market (iPads, iPhones) we will eventually move in that direction but by cutting the OS and Server Client license requirements, that will reduce the cost any of IT budget by a huge amount. Here’s my cost breakdown:

License for each client (Desktop or Laptop) : $$$$

License for each user account on the network: $$$$

License for each email account: $$$$

It doesn’t get any simpler. Open Source (Free) Operating Systems, Word Processing, Spread Sheets, Presentations, Graphics, Multi-Media and Database software matched up with web based and mobile based solutions would be my suggestion. For those who don’t agree, ask them if they have any experience converting an organization to such technology solutions? Many fear what they do not understand.

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