Department of Defense

Wayward Travel

In order to travel from France to Germany, the Navy required that I travel to Ohio (my home of record); this cost an additional $1800 to the US taxpayers. Bureaucratic systems that require such frivolous expenditures cannot help our economy, and I am certain that I am not the only service-member who gasps in horror at how much money our armed forces unnecessarily spend on this element of travel. So here is the solution: apply the reasonable person standard to booking travel and coordinating orders; this means training then trusting those who schedule operational travel, with the occasional spot-check to verify that the privilege of scheduling one’s own travel is not being abused. I understand that the requirement to return women and men to their home of record between back-to-back orders is in place because other options were abused by service-members gallivanting throughout Europe (and elsewhere), but with the appropriate oversight, financial mismanagement that regulates necessary and unnecessary air travel can be mitigated and controlled. Modify the order writing software to allow only travel that is the most geographically and financially fortuitous to the military.



Idea No. 10136