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Wasteful spending - "Use it or Lose it" mentality

As the debt ceiling date of Aug 2nd approaches, Congress and head officials are arguing over how to resolve the crisis. At the same time, across the federal government employees are gearing up for the end of the fiscal year with their money burning holes in their pockets. Supervisors are walking around the office trying to come up with ideas on how to spend money, from travel to new paintings to spice up their offices. The system of use it or lose it continuously has acquisition personnel racking their brain on how such incompetent spending can take place. Granted there are plenty of contracts that are made during this time when money has been held back all year, but that is not the majority. How can there ever be a control on government spending when there is no incentive for federal agencies to reduce their own spending. The allocation of funds must be based on ACTUAL need, and not on how well the money was thrown away the year previously.



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