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Department of Veterans Affairs

Wasted paper = Wasted Money (Capri Records)

Every day a Pre-determination VSR will touch anywhere from 4 to 12 claims. Out of these claims nearly 25% of them require the VSR to log into a system we use (CAPRI). This system allows the Veterans Benefits Administration to obtain medical records from the Veterans Health Administration (VA Hospitals) in just a few seconds/minutes. New development guidelines require VSR's to print out CAPRI records for the veteran's claim. If the veteran provides a specific treatment date we are to obtain records from the treatment date to the current date. If the veteran fails to provide a treatment date, we are required to obtain treatment records from a year prior to the date of claim all the way to the current date the VSR is printing records. One of the bad parts about this is that the records are not filtered to only print what the veteran in claiming. Therefore, even if the veteran is claiming a condition like Tinnitus and says he/she was treated at the Tucson VAMC, we are printing a years worth of records that may contain very few or even zero pages that pertain to Tinnitus. Each time records are printed a VSR may print anywhere from 1 to 200 pages of records on any given file. Just for a reference scenario: the PHX VARO has around 50 VSR's. Each VSR touches 2 claims per day that need Capri records printed (thats very low on average). Say those two claims need 50 pages each printed (very common, if not low). That comes out to 5,000 pages printed per day. Multiply that by working days per year (app. 300). That means just at phoenix we print 1.5milion capri record pages per year. Now add the number of VSR's nationwide doing this on a daily basis and multiply that by the cost per piece of paper, and the number is mind-boggling. These records can just as easily be reviewed electronically by the Rating Board or anyone else with Capri Access. This will save the government a lot of money every year, and save the VARO's space from not having unecessary bulky claims



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