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Good morning, I have several ideas to help out.


1. Where i work, in my building alone, the organization purchased 10 47" monitors that are mounted on the wall. One is located in the entrance to the building, playing the same thing over and over again. Only one other is used for briefings. The rest are collecting dust. If they got a good price at $800 dollars a piece, that is $8,000 in one building in the Department of Defense. How many buildings in the DoD have done the same thing?


2. Recently, i visited Fort Ord Ca. The army base that was closed in the 90's. From what i saw was appalling. All the barracks were closed, and the government housing that i saw stood vacant. With all the homeless in Ca. alone would have been enough to supply adequate government housing. Pay for the electricity and water, in exchange for maintenance on the Army Post. Give the employers in the area a stipend if they hire a family. Give the schools a stipend for education. Give them a sense that crime and drugs will not only result in Jail time but in the family getting evicted.


3. The State Department gives 770 MILLION dollars a year to Egypt to rebuild their Sewer Systems, in order to save some old Mosques. Here in the United States there is a seperation of Church and State. If you cut the 770 million, in half that is 385 million slashed right there. then you can take, 85 million and help all the homeless around the United States.


4. Next item, It is long overdue, but the United States needs a Fair Tax. Every, citizen pays their fair amount, every Tourist, Illegal Alien, And Drug Dealer would be paying taxes. If i cannot afford an Escalade, i will not buy one. Make strictor laws for filing bankruptcy. Finally, make it hard for a person to sue in court for their own stupidity. Make it tough to sue doctors when there is not clear cut case of malpractise.


America need to solve Americas problems first, Everybody else can wait.

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