Department of Defense

Warrant Officers in the Air Force

I think that it would be beneficial to bring Warrant Officers to the Air Force and reduce the number of Officers. A Warrant Officer brings hands on technical knowledge that other services use to do their flying, and tech jobs. Having steady WO's would bring less confusion on changes in work areas making production stay efficent and streamlined. As far as cost savings its clearly there, just pull up a military pay chart, and you save that cost even after a member retires. It will reduce the number of officer slots and riffs, and could offer stability. It gives incentive to enlisted members to further their own education and enhance the service. The cost of a Warrant Officer school could be reduced by having only a two week course for those who are already enlisted on active duty AF. We waste tons of money every year to train officers on jobs they will only do for maybe a year at most before moving to a managerial position. There are just better ways with less cost to stay on top of Air and Space Power.



Idea No. 7062