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Voluntary Reduction In Government Salaries

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A significant reduction in government salaries can result in substantial cost savings. Ask employees if they would like to volunteer for a reduction in hours.


This is a win-win situation for employers and employees. I would want to work for an employer that offered this opportunity. Of course the employer and employee would have to consent to the time off and it would be dependent upon the workload.


I have worked with part time employees or employees that job shared and it has been my experience that these individuals often out performed most of the full time employees. They demonstrated focus and efficiency to make the most of their time on the job and worked hard to complete it timely because they had less time to work.


This option may appeal to those approaching retirement that are not ready to quit, but would welcome a 20 or 30 hour work week.


Time is more valuable than money to other employees. The opportunity to have an additional day or week of vacation without pay might appeal to employees that do not have significant leave balances. This may be because it is still early in their career, or perhaps they may want extra time for a special vacation/honeymoon. Others just prefer more personal time and this may equate to a shorter work week or a few extra days off a year.


The best way to determine the potential cost savings is to canvas the employees. I see potential for true partnership between management and government unions by striking up a win-win agreement that benefits both sides, as well as the U.S. citizen in this cost cutting climate.

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