Social Security Administration

Vocational Experts

Due the advancements in technology, ODAR has already implemented video hearings. Currently vocational experts are paid travel expenses in addition to their contract fees. Why should they be paid to travel to their job site, when ordinary citizens and federal employees are not paid to travel to their job sites! At video hearings, the claimants and representatives appear at the remote site and the Administrataive Law Judge and vocational experts appear at the hearing site. Frequently testimony is not even solicited from the vocational expert who is present at the hearing. In order to save a lot of money, the vocational experts do not need to be paid unnecessary travel expenses to appear at the hearing. Therefore, I suggest that the vocational experts appear at the remote site as well and all of the parties will be on tele-conference hearing. Thus, the Agency would eliminate much of the enormous money in travel expenses for vocational experts.



Idea No. 763