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Visual Information Specialist

Create digital templates of official documents for print on demand process. Contents of document can be entered, reviewed, edited, and submitted on-line. The data entered is then routed through a central printing office that oversees content accuracy, quality, and authorization of request. Document is then printed or published and sent to requestor. This saves government money by diminishing footprint of storage facilities housing preprinted materials as papers and materials are only used upon request. The online process causes a smaller margin of error, a conservation of materials, as well as man-hours spent on production thereby yielding monetary savings. HAF/IMM Graphics organization has implemented this process for printing some of its official documents as a test bed and has experienced savings in the area of man-hours and materials used while providing quality service to the organizations HAF/IMM Graphics supports. This is a process that can be expanded to across the board and utilized in instances of products where such a process is feasible. In turn, the government saves money in man hours, materials used, storage space, and printing costs.



Idea No. 17013