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Vehicle to Grid Technology - Utility Savings

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The government should invest in technology that can save money while doing nothing. Vehicle to Grid (V2G) technology is being tested and has proven to save electricity over a life of a vehicle. Tens, Hundreds, even thousands of cars are parked in lots across Government buildings. Employees or any visitors could plug their V2G car into the the parking lot and save money. Electricity costs will rise until the cost of green energy is less than what traditional methods cost. Green or alternative technologies are not on the same cost level as coal, nuclear, fossil fuels, etc.


Working from home sounds very good, however if 95% of employees are still located at a central office the air conditioning, lights, computers, refrigerators and anything else electric may still be running.


Some policies tell employees not to turn off computers because updates are sent out afterhours or on weekends.


While it is not advanatageous to waste electricity, employees can help save an item that truly does cost a significant amount of money to maintain.


Although these are not verified sources, Politica Blog states that these government buildings had outrageous utility bills.


The Department of Health and Human Services paid a bill last August of $799,000 for a month of service.

The Department of Commerce paid a bill last June of $794,000.


As of March 2009 from the Census, there were 2,527,149 full time Federal Government Civilian Employees. Imagine how much electricity is being used by these office buildings.

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